No, definitely not. I will always ask you what is important for you to keep. If I am working alone, and have any doubt, I will set an item aside to discuss with you later, or for you to decide.

I will never tell you to just throw something out. I understand sentimental items can be hard to deal with. If you are not sure whether to keep any items, I can talk it through with you, to help you come to a decision. You do not have to make any decisions while I am there – these things can take time. There will be no pressure to decide on the day.

I do both, depending on your requirements. Because we will have met and talked about what you want done, I will, mostly, know what you want done with items. If I do come across something I am not sure of, I will set it aside to ask you about,or for you to decide on in your own time.
I can also work with you, either sitting side-by side decluttering and organising an area, or I may be working on one area while you work on another.

In our initial meet we will discuss what your goals are, this will give me a very good idea of what you want kept, and what you are happy to let go. If there are any items I am not sure of, I will keep it for you to look at and decide ( I call it “setting you homework.” 🙂)

After initial contact, we arrange a time for me to come and visit, so we meet each other.
At that meeting we meet and discuss what you would like done.
(Alternatively, this can all be done online.)
If you decide you would like me to help you, you simply need to sign a contract, pay a deposit, and we will book a mutually convenient day to work (or start if work is to be ongoing.)

You don’t need to buy anything before I start. I always recommend to clients that we declutter first, then, when we see what is left to organise, I can suggest, or help you look for, the perfect storage to buy when you are ready.

Yes! For example, if I am organising your kitchen cupboards, each will be emptied completely, spray and wiped, dried, and repacked in an organised fashion. If I am organising a cluttered bedroom I will dust, polish, vacuum at the end.
I provide my own cleaning products (unless you have a preference due to allergies etc), I just ask for use of your own vacuum cleaner if required.

For one-off jobs a deposit is required, with balance due on completion.
For ongoing work, a deposit is required, and payment for each visit paid within 2 days of completing the session.
Payment by BACS /bank transfer are preferred, though I understand not all my clients will have access to online banking. In this case, cheques or cash are acceptable.

Yes. There are lots of before and after photos, and testimonials on my Facebook page.

I also have a Facebook group where I show you how I work with my clients. There are lots of hints and tips about getting your home organised, mindset that can slow us down, etc.
I would love to see you there,

Lindselina B.
I would definitely recommend Louise.
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It was such a pleasure to work with Louise! I was on a short time frame to get my house ready to rent out to airbnb-ers (while my OH was down with the flu) and she came to the rescue! She's such a lovely woman who immediately puts you at ease. We worked alongside each other for two (long) afternoons and pretty much did the whole house. She never seems to get tired or slow down, just keeps going till the job is done! I would definitely recommend her.

So if you are ready to have your home transformed, I would love to hear from you.

Please phone for a friendly (no obligation) chat on 07510197249, or email me on louisewalkerorganise@gmail.com.