Live a calmer, happier life.

Bristol professional home organiser.

I transform people's homes and lives through my professional organising and decluttering services.

School day blitz

Imagine how much a professional organiser could do to transform your home while the children are at school!

Declutter & organise half day

Declutter and organisation of any area of your home: spare bedroom, kitchen cupboards, children's toys and clothes, etc.

Ongoing decluttering & organising

Regular visits to work together through a long term project, or to help you keep on top of things.

Virtual motivational sessions

I'm now offering online sessions for people who are overwhelmed or don't know where to start.

About Me

Hi, I’m Louise and I am a professional home organiser.

For 10 years I was cleaning houses and in that time I saw how my job could be made easier if some homes were more organised, less cluttered and had some routine.

I also saw the stress that disorganised houses could cause the families I worked for.

I am registered with Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers, which means I am bound by its Code of Ethics and standards of practice which demonstrate professionalism and integrity.

Nik C.
Every home should have a Louise!
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This lovely lady helped me to reorganize my cupboards to free up loads of space, put things where I can easily find them and focus on what's important to keep and throw away/recycle. She is helpful, friendly and clearly loves her job. We got loads done in 4 hours and I'll definitely ask her to come back to sort out the rest. I genuinely feel so much better for having had Louise declutter and reorganize.
Judy J.
I would recommend Louise 110%!
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I had not realised how much the state of my room was affecting my mental health. I have depression and PTSD. During the decluttering I felt such a sense of power and ownership, I was making decisions- sensible ones AND sticking to them. It was great to explain to Louise why a certain item had a story to it. She didn’t ask this - it just came naturally to me and it helped me to clarify things to say them out loud. Since then I’ve felt a definite uplift in my general mood - it’s so wonderful to walk into a room I can call my own now.
Helen M.
Louise is such a great organiser.
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Sometimes when you just can't face this job alone, Louise is there to tidy and sort with you or for you whilst you get on with some other task. She really understands what needs to be done, and if you are ever stressed about an item she somehow just turns the mood to being relaxed and positive with vibes of achievement.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, definitely not. I will always ask you what is important for you to keep. If I am working alone, and have any doubt, I will set an item aside to discuss with you later, or for you to decide.

I will never tell you to just throw something out. I understand sentimental items can be hard to deal with. If you are not sure whether to keep any items, I can talk it through with you, to help you come to a decision. You do not have to make any decisions while I am there – these things can take time. There will be no pressure to decide on the day.

Are you fed up with your house? Do you just wish it could be organised, once and for all, so you can then maintain it?

Contact me now for a free visit to discuss your needs, and see how I can bring calm back into your home. I am now taking bookings, and would love to hear from you.