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Your home, the way you always wanted.

I’m Louise, and I help busy families who are overwhelmed by the state of their home. I get your home the way you want so you can spend more time with your family, doing what is important to you.

When my fourth child was one I started work as a self-employed cleaner. As the business grew I was juggling four children under the age of six-and-a-half, my business, and home life.

My house was definitely the thing to suffer. Generous family meant there were too many toys and too many clothes but not enough storage. I hated the state of the house, and one morning I actually broke down to my friends that I couldn’t cope anymore.

An arrangement was made that I would pay each of them what I was earning as a cleaner, to organise my house.

It took my thee friends over four school days to organise my three bedroom end-terrace house. They caught up with the washing, folded washing, put it away, did the washing up, washed curtains, sorted through toys, children’s clothes, organised storage, and discarded junk and scrap paper that had just been left around.

Because it was in the days I was paid in cash and cheques, they even found nearly £400 in cash lying around on various cluttered surfaces, in coat pockets, jeans pockets etc!

As a cleaner, I knew some of my jobs would be easier if there were clearer surfaces, if I didn’t need to work around clutter. But it was only when I came home at the end of each day and saw more and more transformation, that I realised how much lighter, mentally, I suddenly felt. It really felt like I could breathe again.

This is the same feeling my clients now tell me they experience when they see the work, either that I have been doing with them, or they have left me to do.

Home decluttering and organising all areas of the home.

China R.J.
Louise is a wonderful woman.
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Great at her job. Completely non judgemental and sweet. She’s a very loving woman who loves to help others. I recommend her hugely. She helped me and my little family with our chaotic house. 5*
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I was now getting more organising jobs in my work. Then I started advertising as a declutterer and organiser.

Business has been so successful over the last three years, I am now working full-time as a professional organiser.

It is my biggest reward to have a client say “I never realised how much better I would feel mentally”, or “I didn’t realise how much it was all weighing me down”. I have never forgotten THAT feeling from 10 years ago!

I am now registered with Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (ADPO). You can find my listing on their website here.

With them I have access to resources, including further training. This also means I have registration with Information Commissioner’s Office (privacy commission), and professional indemnity insurance.

I have experience working with cluttered and disorganised family homes (maybe due to depression, illness, new baby, busy family life), and also people with hoarding tendencies.

So if you are ready to have your home transformed, I would love to hear from you.

Please phone for a friendly (no obligation) chat on 07510197249, or email me on louisewalkerorganise@gmail.com.